TIME TRAVEL TO THE FUTURE! - Animal Crossing New Horizons

Publicerades den 29 apr 2020
Showing you my island from the future.
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  • What do you guys think of the new hair â˜ș

  • did you know that you can by a swimsuit off timmy and go in the oceon

  • Husky here is a tip wait a little to see if they turn around

  • To get more bells by selling weeds

  • Make money trees

  • Cool 😎


  • Your new hair looks great

  • You can move buildings you just need to make tons of bells

  • When he talked to saharah i heard the drug dealer instead of rug dealer XD

  • Where did u find this game? I cant find it on my phone

  • Pls do sardwvely

  • I'm officially addicted to animal crossing. I don't know why but Husky's narration is so soothing and makes me want to play this game

  • Awesome vid!! Inspiration for my next venture. Peace!

  • You can move your house eventually!

  • it was a camel not a giraffe

  • 18:53 i was just wondering if u got one yet

  • 9:09 so u can change ur phone? i was wondering that cuz i saw nessa and roni character's phones when they play the game

  • 1:46 he has a bed now!

  • It’s a camel not a giraffe

  • Why are you wearing red bunny ears?

  • And I get money from the trees đŸŒČ

  • When I playI shake the trees

  • Shake the trees 🌳

  • a way to get a lot of bells is that if you go on your switch setting then change the time to 2060 then join animal crossing it will give you money but then dig the money in a money while and it will triple your money

  • Hushy's videos are the highlight of my day. This is funny. Honestly Animal Crossing is so addicting!

  • If I'd known you wanted peaches, you could of contacted me for my friend code and came to my island for peaches as my island came with peaches as my fruit.


  • I play the new one

  • There to many peach trees husky! Lol and sorry I don't have any tips for u but u pretty good at animal crossing!

  • Hi

  • Do a live stream

  • you haven’t caught any sharks because it’s not in season for the northern hemisphere, of course you can time travel til june and fish then or go to an island in the southern hemisphere

  • I have animal crossing city folk on my wii and you can get a timer and play hide and seek with the animals in the game

  • You can move your house or the museum for 30,000 for house and 50,000 to move the museum! Oh, Tom Nook is Timmy and Tommy’s uncle.

  • Los sueños

  • To get a LOT of bells, you can travel to a random island and then make a tarantula island. You can look up on google on how to make one. If u fill up your pockets with tarantulas and sell them (keep 1 for museum) you’ll get A TON OF BELLS

  • Oh btw if you see a fish with a FIN on it in the ocean, that is a shark

  • If you ever walk in on your villagers crafting/working and you talk to them, they will give u the DIY recipe!

  • Hey Husky! I’m playing Animal Crossing too and you can make a lot of bells by selling fish, fossils, and bugs. You can also get bells by selling turnips (I’d recommend buying at around 💯 bells)

  • Something to do with that part of your house you can make a bedroom or something like that so then you can get more room in your main room you have

  • I like your hair. You should game and upload more.I am not Elizabeth I am her kid.

  • Im new wat is the game called

  • You can relocate your house by talking to Tom Nook about the buildings and stuff

  • if you dig 3 holes behind you when you hit the rock you can get all 8 resources and all 8 money bags!!!

  • I would love to see island updates. Iv'e been playing Animal Crossing games since GameCube and as far as I know none of them have mini games.

  • We have the same birthday may 4th happy Early B-day

  • why dont you ever turn the lights on?

  • Try going to Animal Crossing Pattern Tool. It allows you to take a picture from your device and turn it into a qr code you can scan into the game. But you need a Nintendo Switch Online account and the Switch Online app to do it.

  • keep the town growing please

  • please get the cotton-candy stall

  • Why when you are playing this it says April 13 but you powered it on I think like the 30

  • can we please have part 7 of animal crossing new horizons

  • "Hello everyone, this is...H TO THE USKY HUSKY here!" I've missed that line. Glad to see you're making videos man!

    • @Afreen Ahmad IKR I always thought it was H E S HUSKY

    • Daniel Hughes OMG DUDE thank you for spelling his intro out I’ve been kicking myself trying to figure out what he says in his intro for months đŸ€ŁđŸ€Ł

  • please make a new pokemon video

  • Catching peacock butterflies works pretty well. You need some hybrid flowers for them to spawn on your island. They are worth about 2,500 bells

  • Get the bell voucher

  • A little tip that I learned while playing: find what the hot items of the day are from Timmy or Tommy. Make two or three at least, then sell. It's pretty helpful when a lot of times it's wood stuff. I don't know how good of a tip it is, but I got almost 50k bells from doing it for two days so..? I don't know how well it works since this is the first time I've told someone about it. Hope it helps though

  • Hi Husky! To answer your question, there were no mini games in the old Animal Crossing, so I don’t think there will be in this one.

  • these are my fav videos to watch!!

  • A way to make money is to sell any repeat things you find the museum will hold. Fossils get you a good amount of money. Your island looks great. I just started playing Monday so I’m not nearly as far as you but spend almost all day playing.

  • Husky you know the little lights all around the island on the ground like the gold glow up things take a shovel and you will get bells that way

  • Shadows of all the sharks in the ocean have a fin. The fin won't be sticking out of the water but you'll be able to tell it apart from other fish.

  • Don't buy turnips unless they're over 150. You'll get a better deal if you sell them and they were over 150.

  • It pains me every time Husky misses catching a fish!đŸ˜©

  • I have really been enjoying your Animal Crossing videos!! You should do them more often!!!

  • Tip on making money - take your native fruit to an island with a different native fruit. Nooks cranny will pay more bells per fruit on another island.

  • I love itđŸ€—

  • You can always take out the things in the town hall box and whatever you don’t like you sell it and get a few bells with that, you can also sell repeated fossils they go for a good amount of bells

  • So different fish will come at different points throughout the year. And any Anmial Crossing content is good with me. 😊

  • Planting a money tree is one way to make money

  • I don’t know for sure, but you might be able to collect flowers and sell them for bells. In the old Animal Crossing you could do that.

  • If you want you can relocate your house or the museum, all you have to do is talk to Tom Nook and ask about my home then click I want to relocate, that will cost 30,000 bells or click Let’s talk infrastructure then click I want layout changes and click on the museum that will cost you 50,000 bells

  • also, a minigame that is in other anima crossing games is hide and seek. It only happens whenyou talk to a villager and he asks you if you want to play. Idk tho if you can do it in this game tho .-.

  • why does this have less likes ;-;

  • You could make an episode with Ro so she helps you decorate/organize your house:)

  • Make the room a room for blueberry

  • Shark seasons are June, July, August, and September, you know it’s a shark because they will be bigger and have a fin, but if you wanna have fun and get a little bit more cash, you can go into your switch settings and change the date, go back to 2000 then go time travel 5years ahead and keep doing that till you get to the correct time.... the only thing is you have to make sure to talk to all the islanders every time you do that because they could want to move out, but if you do this then you can catch a lot more stuff if you go through different seasons and fill up the museum more, they also reward you with stuff sometimes, like miles, presents, new visitors, or what I would do is keep planting money trees so by the time you get to 2020 you have like 5 money trees with $30k on them each, you can also time travel forward up till 2060

  • I like to go to other islands and harvest all the materials I can get. I save everything and when I find the Hot Item that sells for more I make as many of those I can to sell for top bells. That is another way I like to make bells.

  • watching him play animal crossing is my guilty pleasure

  • some tip(s): u pick grass to sell u breed flower in a x then sell (probbally not a tip but anyway) :3

  • You look hot with the new hair. EDIT: I'm also realizing now that you look a little bit like Joel McHale from when he was on Community...

  • You could make a real nerdy Nummi sweatshirt

  • and sell stuff

  • I like the updates videos.

  • Did anyone tell him about the trick to get all the items from the rocks? And using the flimsy axe to get wood from trees without chopping them?



  • Why was it raining in this video

  • In the future you'll be able to move buildings but it will cost quite a bit of bells.

  • Pls remove that smart cookie from the face 😂😂😂 I mean I don't hate it but it's terifying 😂

  • Stand on the blue circle in the fossil room and if you look in the corner, you will see an asteroid.


  • Get the pocket stuffing. You can hold more things in your inventory.

  • If you haven't got this tip already, when you're beating up rocks for minerals. dig some holes behind you so you don't kickback as far. You will get nine hits easily with this tip.


  • you should try getting a different rug from the giraffe/llama guy!

  • New stuff appears at Nooks every day, including new wall paper and floor covering. You can also cover the walls/ceiling with patterns you make with the design maker.

  • When you see holes in the beach sand with tufts of moisture puffing out, use a shovel on the spot, dig up the clam. Use the clam on the work bench to make fish food. Use fish food to attract fish to the spot you wanna fish at.

  • Pls continue this game! You are so funny!😁👍