I Tried Following A Nerdy Nummies Tutorial In Only 2 Hours!

Publicerades den 6 jul 2019
Can we bake the Nerdy Nummies Unicorn Cake in under 2 hours???
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  • Hi everyone! You guys requested this video. How did we do? What video would you like to see next? 😎🎂🔥

  • The untidy crocus etiologically permit because frog aetiologically signal excluding a aboard crowd. open, abrupt cancer

  • A bat man car cake 🧁

  • omg like I have made a lot of cakes and I am 8

  • I think I could do better

  • Mike the ice ing looks like a poop

  • I had the unicorn cake for my birthday and it was so beautiful

  • Is a really funny video

  • Can we talk about how when husky was using the cooking spray Dustin was soo protective of cookie and even said “ watch it” and moved her out of the way

  • Mike (Husky): i also dont know where most of the stuff is jn the kitchen Dustin: you live here!?!

  • I give it a 10 I Love you guys

  • Definitely not following there recipe 😂

  • You should use dental floss to level a cake

  • they did a really good job

  • OMG , this is like Nailed it

  • 7/10

  • did any 1 nois that he olny has 5 vids lol

  • I havnt watched the video yet but I think I know the cake wont be better than a 3/10 but the video is definitely a 10/10 so funny

  • if there is a little girl out there who is raised by like punk rocker parents but she's really into unicorns and pastel colors, that would be the kind of birthday cake her parents would make her.

  • this is a disaster and hilarious 🤣 I need more of you two baking Ro's recipe! ❤❤

  • Id like to suggest the motherboard cake for the 1 hour challenge!

  • You did so good

  • No

  • Ro should have just been sitting in a chair watching them cook


  • Tri a'dog cake that looks like blueberry. 🐕

  • When Dustin said “peeping bag” that was hilarious!🤣

  • 9/10

  • you need to get a new kitchen that is organized

  • Hi Mick. I think you should do a galaxy cake, Anna and Elsa cake too

  • Them, talking about how the cake batter doesn't look good: Me, a cake-aholic: *"Cake is cake, om nom nom"*

  • Ro: Blah blah blah carefully Husky: HEY DUSTIN CATCH

  • Mike:(pulls out giant levler thingy) "ive seen good bakers use this to levle the cake" ro:(a realy good baker and his girlfriend who uses a levler tool )"😱" Me: shooketh

  • Why did you guys do better than I expected

  • icing a cake is easy i'm 10 and i can do it.

  • you guys should recreate the finding Nemo cake.

  • Queens

  • 2 men 1 kitchen

  • I literally flinched when dustin dropped the yolk 😂

  • Husky does know a little more than I thought I am sooooooo proud

    • Sure he is, he lives with Ro and loves her


  • It was pretty good actually

  • I see cookie and I cry

  • I’d love to see Ro react to this video

  • Ro was actually acting like Jacques From Nailed It

  • Leave a like if you checked out the episode that Ro was on the moment he said that

  • Next why don’t you make something to do with Superman

  • I’m glad you and Dustin got to do a unicorn cake Video

  • Who else didn’t know that Ro was on Nailed it? As soon as I heard that I went to go check.

  • It’s so good!

  • Husky:get the shorting. Dustin:What's shorting Husky:just get it now because we are losing time. Dustin:fine I will find it now

  • So I’ve been watching these videos and I cannot for the life of me figure out what he always says before his name!?! “Hey, it’s ??? Husky!” It’s driving me crazy! Help!

  • this is like the expectatons vs reality of following ro's recipes

  • Omg you did NOT use buttermilk

  • Would love to see a reaction vid of Ro watching this

  • I think they should do just regular frosted cookies 🍪

  • NAILED IT!! I loved this so much. It was so fun to watch, and even with the time limit they did better than I ever have when baking.... Oof

  • you guys is ok but it look like it ok

  • This was honestly better than any Nailed It episode, and that's one of my favorite shows.

  • you guys are so funny

  • It sounded like ro was there but it was just the video 😂

  • I love this it was high larious

  • I think that you should attempt the baby Yoda macarons!!

  • 9:28 was so funny. Husky you should do more videos with Dustin. They make me so happy and they always make my day.

  • Lol, fun fact: I found Rosannas channel from that episode of nailed it

  • what? 00:00

  • Galaxy mirror cake

  • Did anyone else hear row in the background? Also you guys are funny and ro I think the did there best but it was fun and exciting and I hade a lot of fun watching this video!

    • ro was in the background because they were watching her video ;)

  • The magnificent cake! please!

  • It's ok but my drones are still dying when the drops come! Terran is a very tough race to play against!

  • Husky: ro was in nailed it Me ten seconds later: on Netflix watching the episode she was in

  • Mike: shortening. Idk what it is Dustin: should I google it?!?! Me: 🤣

  • Honestly, this is extremely impressive given that it's their first attempt! Especially so at baking a cake, much less a fancy unicorn one!

  • Good effort guys

  • Have Ro help

  • Next try a reindeer cake

  • You are hilarious

  • Loving the chaotic energy. Please do more videos like this! You probably need more than an hour though!

  • You cheatet With the fondant

  • 5 out of te

  • You can here ro talking in the backround

  • "You live here" We all know the kitchen is ro's territory🤣💜💜

  • ketchup an mustard lol

  • the only thing you need to know the location of in a kitchen, are snacks, and deserts!!!

  • Ro baking is how I think I bake Dustin and Husky baking is how I actually bake 🤣🤣🤣

  • I think you can do it and it might be 7 out of 10

  • It's 50/50 for me!

  • It was so funny!

  • you guys are funny!

  • I would really like to see Husky and Dustin make the Infinity Stone Cupcake since I'm a very big fan of the avengers movie series and Ro's recipe was the best thing ever!!!

  • Nailed was correct Ro is a pint sized pro

  • So funny

  • As a fellow Baker they actually didn't do that bad.

  • 😂😂😂😂

  • 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • nimo cake

  • Can we appreciate the many boxes of chicken nuggets in their freezer😂

  • I think that you guys are so funny I love this.

  • 6:10 Bloop it again! 😜😂

  • it turned otu great