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  • This game is so much fun you guys! Thanks for all the support. I've read all your comments and have liked as many as I can! Thank you!!

    • Husky I love your animal crossing videos

    • hi omg

    • use your house storage to empty your pockets and save your resourses

    • You should go to the merrell twins live channel because they have some videos on animal crossing.

    • he reason you cannot get onto the cliff is that you need a ladder to reach the top...

  • Wow

  • I learned you can make medacine to and the cake looks like the cake ro made

  • Please play Plants vs Zombies

  • When you play in the day you can get fish and bugs that you can’t get at night.

  • You can catch the wasps in the net

  • Paper Mario

  • You need a ladder

  • wait till he hears that i have over 2 million bells


  • Press “Y” to bury the holes with your feet

  • If you get stung by would talk to a villager they will give you a recipe for medicine

  • Sorry dude I hate to tell trees don't grow back I chopped down every single one in my island and I had to replant them lol

  • The wasp nests are to make medicine

  • You need a ladder to get up the hills and mountains

  • My daddy is getting me Animal Crossing I’m so excited Btw l love your channel

  • love the cake! and ro, the cake u made was perfect

  • the link between the animals is not real but it is a real thing

  • why don't you make a crafting table

  • I felt so bad for the villagers that were still using sleeping bags when everyone else had beds and furniture I’ve slowly crafted and gifted them the simple bed sets. 😂

  • YEET and happy b day husky

  • I made all the mistakes that he did just 3 days ago (just started playing) but now it’s really stressing me out 😂

  • Vaulting Pole never break same as ladder later. You actually sold PEACHES before you digging the hole then plant fruit in the hole, and finally planting water on the fruit tree. Don't use sharp ax chopping all fruit trees down if the tree never grow the fruit back. Use flimsy ax or stone ax can hit the fruit trees can drop wood, softwood, and hardwood. Don't fill up on the glow hole! Use 10k bells and buried the money in the hole then planting water on it, then the money tree can grow on three-five days later, then shake the tree drop 10k bells total is 30k bells!

  • you can give more then one at a time to donate just a fyi

  • The merrell twins live channel has a few great and helpful videos on animal crossing. Plus your animal crossing videos are funny, helpful, and fun to watch. Your reactions to new things on the game are so funny.

  • You should totally play Luigi's mansion on the switch... it's a fun game that I'm sure you'll enjoy!

  • PLAY TOMODACHI LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS AMAZING!!!!

  • play with ro in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

  • I definitely want you to continue with this series, i just binge watched all of them

  • the wasp nest is for wen you need medicine and you make it and the piches are for wen you wont to kut doun trees and get strong.

  • I have animal crossing

  • I'd love for him to try ty the tasmanian tiger

  • so from what i have noticed the facts are actually fairly accurate. The eusthenopteron stems from the Greek words eustheno - which means strong and pteron (like pterodactyl) - meaning wing so it literally means strong wing. And it states that scientists found it to be a sort of missing link and that they could use their fins to crawl around the sand where there was shallow water. (I AM NOT A PALEONTOLOGIST!!! this is simply what I FOUND doing my own research) hope this helps :)

  • When are you doing part 5 of animal crossing

  • Pls do more!!

  • Few tips! 1. If you find a glowing hole put 1,000- 10,000 bells in it and in a couple days you’ll have 3,000-30,000 :) 2. Tree stumps don’t grow back 😱 3. Dig holes behind you when hitting the rocks so you can get the most from it.

  • You have your settings set to where it’s night all day I’m pretty sure

  • Alight means land, as in he flew here.

  • You shud do terraria

  • Snippy clips

  • You use the wasp nest to make medicine

  • Really enjoys watching you playing Animal Crossing. I've been playing Animal Crossing since 2000 and it's the best game ever although I have yet to buy New Horizons as need to save money towards buying awesome game. I may be a kinda expert in Animal Crossing so if needs any tips or pointers will give some - hopefully in the future, you should be able to donate multiple item to Blathers (I love Owls characters in AC) Also you should put Nerdy Nummies design as your wallpaper inside your house!

  • Can you please do a animal crossing 5

  • Hi I'm A Big Fan Please ..... Play this every weekend

  • Husky please make the succulent

  • The wasp nest is for medican

  • For curiosity, what happened to blather's sister? Is she in the game?

  • More animal crossing

  • I think you should make more animal crossing videos.

  • and more of animal crossing

  • can you play sims 4

  • You still have a package from mom in your mail box. đŸ˜© there’s two you tired to get last episode and you didn’t đŸ€ŁđŸ€Ł I wish you’d live stream so I can help you đŸ€ŁđŸ€ŁđŸ€Ł I’m just screaming at the screen like you can hear me

  • more animalcrosing

  • I love animal crossing!

  • All so there is some times Messages in a bottle

  • Do more!do more!dddooooooooo MORE!!!!!please.😄

  • Love these videos

  • You should play animal crossing with ro

  • To make medicine you need 1 wasp nest and 3 clumps of weeds

  • I might dislike them is because I'm jealous your actually able to play Animal Crossing new horizons

  • Tell Ro that she should do an animal crossing themed cake/cookie etc. It’d be amazing! 💖😌

  • OwO watching you play an get to know this game is ways too satisfying!

  • you can catch wasps, you just have to have when shaking them. Also, make sure to replant the trees, they don't grow back

  • The wasp nest mixed with weeds makes medicine for when you get stung by bees

  • you can dig up glowing money and then grow a money tree and get 3x of the money

  • Play more over cooked

  • Sellout

  • You should play Fight Crab! And as someone who works with museums, Blathers is my kinda guy!

  • Chopped down trees don’t grow back 😂 I’ve been playing this game for 10 days now, love it so much! đŸ„°

  • Glad to see you back in your prime (being a handsome nerd). Please take care of your voice!

  • u and Ro are PERFECT TOGETHER ; )

  • Lol classic Husky “ok I’m ending the video” then continues shenanigans for a few more minutes

  • can someone tell me what he says in his intro

  • You get the medicine recipe by talking to another islander when your character is stung and swollen (it’s the hive + 3 clumps of weed) , also you can cover holes by pressing Y, you can also sell your native fruit on a friends island and get more money for it

  • When you plant money in those glowing holes you can grow a money tree, you plant what you got from the hole or you can plant more money by clicking your money in your pocket and taking out the amount you want, once you have the money bag in your pocket click it and press plant and soon it will grow into a money tree

  • Plz do one today

  • Cutting down those tree is a bad move

  • You should’ve planted the peaches. You can craft medicine using the wasp nest and weeds. If you use the stone axe you get wood but don’t knock down the tree. You will need more wood later. SMH đŸ€ŠđŸ»â€â™€ïž Are you going to visit Ro’s island?

  • You can sell wasps nest for a lot of money

  • If you don’t need your items you can sell them

  • The peaches u eat the wasp nest is use to make medicine and u can select more than one item at a time to donate

  • Try other games like, Zelda: Breath of the wild. You can also play Smash Bros. Ultimate, 1, 2 Switch, Kirby Star Allies with Ro. Also try Super Mario Odyssey.

  • More Hints coming from me again lol: 1. Whenever you get any bags of money you can actually plant them into the ground to create a money tree where you can get triple the amount of money you put into the hole. 2. When you get bags of money don't forget to click on them in your inventory to collect them otherwise they would just be bags of money. 3. You'll be able to get onto the cliffs when you get a ladder which will take a lot more game play for which you will have to wait until the time comes. 4. You can get iron nuggets by hitting rocks with your shovel or axe and sometimes you can even get a lot of money from them as well (But don't forget to not hit them when you eat a lot of fruit because, you can completely shatter them an don't get anything) 5. Fruit doesn't do anything but make you stronger to chop down trees faster and break rocks so you could have just eaten the peaches. 6. Last Note If you want to fly to another island you have to be on the game during the day (Also don't forget to collect your card at the airport so you can go on a plane and go to different islands)

  • play Just Dance 2020 for Switch!!! pls Husky

  • With the shovel you can dig out the tree stomps and plant a fruit in the hole

  • Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes

  • To get up on the second level you need to craft a ladder

  • This was filmed on my birthday, lol

  • OH MY GOSH! Please have Ro make a carrot cake birthday cake from this game!!! I LOVE carrot cake!

  • Blathers has a British accent... and turns of phrase... and fancy words... That's why there are such unique words and phrases he uses. -- PS The museum is amazing! Donate everything you can. It'll be great!

    • PPS The vaulting pole doesn't break. You can sell those extra two now. :P

  • You can use the peaches to plant peach trees!

  • Big oof... could’ve planted those peaches and made more bells than selling your pears bc pears are your native fruit. Friends who play online like to trade fruit as a sign of friendship and good show of prosperity. There are apples, cherries, peaches, pears, and oranges. You can also plant coconuts on the beach, but they’re only worth half as much as non-native fruit. They are still worth more than your pears, though.

  • Fun fact! Vaulting poles (and ladders) don’t break! (Or at least I haven’t had any break and I’ve been playing every day since release day)

  • You should get a stone axe to get wood. You can get the wood without chopping down the trees.

  • You can get a munny tree by planting munny bags

  • More animal crossing videos pleaseee!! I'm addicted to seeing you play it with so much of enthusiasm! ❀ Also another video with Ro and Dustin playing overcooked please!

  • Hey Husky good to see you making content again! I am happy to hear your voice again! I hope you are well and I look forward to your videos!

  • You make medicine out of the wasp nest

  • The vaulting pole doesn't break

  • You should play mario maker 2