I HAVE NEVER PLAYED THIS BEFORE! - Animal Crossing New Horizons Part 1

Publicerades den 1 apr 2020
I have never played an Animal Crossing game in my life! Give me all the tips and tricks in the comments!!
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  • Should I play more games??? 🎉🎉🎉

  • More

  • When husky is a kid boom

  • A

  • You shod play asphalt8🎮🏎

  • 2:23

  • I got the same villagers

  • I thought that your pair joke was pretty funny

  • I have A Play the original animal crossing

  • & A :(

  • C & B

  • My sister just hugs animal crossing

  • There are animal crossing games you can play in your phone

  • A, and B :D

  • A

  • C

  • Do you play Minecraft? Or Roblox??

  • C

  • I play animal crossing New horizons it's so fun

  • December 29th 2020 and still under quarantine so I ordered my very first "Me Only" game system ... A Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing exclusive console and the Animal Crossing game . Currently binge watching Animal Crossing videos .

  • I am .C

  • B A

  • B

  • i am just starting with the game

  • I have not

  • but dont have that for my fave son david

  • c

  • C for me

  • My Grandma has a Nintendo so I play animal crossing when I go to her house 😄😍😍

  • I played Pocket Camp on my phone until this one released -- and I LOVE IT. Totally obsessed... thankful for quarantine! LOL

  • Btw how do you get animal crossing

  • I am excited that you get to play it but I am sad that I can not play it

  • Oh my gosh you have the same birthday as my sister!!

  • c, i have NEVER played this game. i have wanted to for the oast few days tho. when i saw your gf say on her yt channel you play this game i came here so i can see what its like!

  • go to sleep in the game it fun

  • do some Minecraft

  • B

  • I’ve played this animal crossing

  • C

  • I do not regret naming my island monkeyhead B)

  • im clapping

  • you need to buy a swim suit to swim

  • im watching you play while play the game

  • Make some with Ro or iJustine

  • My birthdays May 6th so close to yours .

  • I’ve been playing animal crossing since GameCube my whole family has . Love animal crossing !

  • More animal crossing

  • I have animal crossing but the new horizons I never got the old one

  • A

  • Minecraft pls

  • Me to

  • More !!!!!!!!

  • My entire family plays animal crossing but my sister was the first to start so she named it Lucy land bit of we had known we all would be playing we would have called it Perrault paradise

  • Lol timmy tammy and tommy

  • I played this on easter it was my first time playing it! I am still playing!

  • My animal crossing island is called blue snake because there is a river in the middle of it and it looks like a snake

  • May 4th is a really cool birthday but my friend also has a birthday on a day she was born on Friday the 13th literally she was born on the 13th and on a friday but this year its not a friday

  • A

  • Do more love this 🥳❤️

  • Wow husky and his girlfriend and her sister and her friend are all there wow. 🤩🥰😆🥰😉🤣🤔🤣love it

  • I’m born on May 4th too!


  • why is there snow when its not winter????!!!

  • Jajajajajaja

  • I love this game! Play more!!🎮🎧

  • Will you play fortnite

  • sooo cute


  • I love animal Crossing

  • It's Timmy, Tommy, and Tammy.

  • C

  • Also keep playing

  • Play animal jam

  • C I have only played the new one!😂✨

  • Cool.

  • Played the original. I loved it but it would have been better if my friends had it so I could visit them

  • My answers C:Never played Animal Crossing A:Please more Animal Crossing

  • I wanted to install the game but I didn’t find it can someone pls help me and btw my phone is. iPhone 6s so that might give u some help

  • My family actually celebrates the 4th, 5th, and 6th. 'May the fourth be with you', 'Return of the fifth', and Revenge of the sixth'.

  • Watch youtube

  • You look like fkin jimmy neutron

  • C

  • C.

  • i dont know

  • When you watch this on May 4th, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  • The river on your island looks like a dog!

  • I've played every animal crossing game and have sunk more than 300 hours into New Horizons XD

  • Happy birthday its may 4th

  • I played the original game

  • Love this game! More Please

  • More Animal Crossing!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • can you try to play minecraft it is super fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Snow looks beautiful in this game! How in the world did you start with snow?! Lol that’s amazing

  • i just got it and i’m so excited to try it out!❤️😂

  • my birthday is on May 5th

  • I play both

  • A more animal

  • C

  • Awww why do you have snow I choose the same place

  • I love animal crossing Read more