I HAVE A CONFESSION.... - Pokemon Sword & Shield Part 2

Publicerades den 2 maj 2020
Is Sword of Shield better??
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What other games should I play???


  • Anyone else just watch Rosanna's new video? What's your favorite Nintendo Game? 🙌🙌🙌

  • Name Skwovet Nutshell Name Nickit Swift Name Rookidee Lightning Name Chewtle Snip Name Magikarp Flop Name Yamper Lime

  • call it cheeky because they have huge cheeks

  • Name your Magicarp Royal!

  • I’m bad at spelling Pokémon names!😂

  • Name your Chewdle Shelly!

  • Name your Nickit Sally!

  • Call your Rookedie Feathers!

  • Name your Swovet brownie!

  • I love your views. ❤📹

  • That was not English and when husky said turn on the notification’s NOW THAT WAS NOT ENGLISH Unrelated sorry

  • When I slow it down, I hear "Hello Everyone this is H E S Husky here" XD

  • You already have Blueberry, so name Yamper Cookie

  • Gyaradose is even better after the physical/special split. You're in for a treat if you decide to use one!

  • It's never too late to join the pokemon party. Glad to see you're making videos again :)

  • Maybe you should name Yamper Floof? (ㆁωㆁ)

  • NAME IT COOKIE sorry to mention it

  • I feel like I’m watching a 7 year old playing this.

  • yamper: cookie

  • you mist a pokeball

  • The only food in game is curry

  • You can only dynamax in arenas like gyms. The dynamax only lasts 3 turns, you can only do it to one pokemon per battle and turns your moves into strong versions of their types. Some special pokemon have gigantamax(every gym leader has one) and they have special moves that deal more damage..also instead of going in your bag everytime for a pokeball you can just hit x to get to the pokeball menu and y for extra info on moves (: glad your back husky ❤❤❤

  • Yayyy mooooore pokemon

  • every like is someone who is here from Sinvicta's Channel | \/

  • When you’re battling a Pokémon later down the line do battle it and give it damage it will make it easier to catch! The ones on route 2 were just super weak and that’s why you didn’t have to. Also when you’re in a battle right above fight, Pokémon, bag, run are short cuts if you press x or y. Pressing x will let you short cut use the item it shows. Also nicknames are my favorite thing so my suggestions are Yamper: cookie Skwovet: pancakes Nickit: biscuit Rookidee: plum or olive Magikarp: mango I’m sticking to the food theme since Sobble is blueberry.

  • Hey Husky do you have pokemon sun or moon for the 3ds and some event pokemons in?=)

  • Sandy Cheeks

  • Hi

  • Happy birthday husky

  • Btw husky chewtle evolves into drednaw and then it gains another type

  • You should name your skwovet fat cheeks

  • YES we needed more shield recruits

  • who's here from the mosh pit

  • You should name your team after food items

  • Never knew this guy was a dog...

  • Came here from Sinvicta’s video, you have funny hair

  • You should name the corgi waffles

  • You should name the. Squirrel Maple or moppy

  • Happy Birthday husky.

  • Chocolate Chip

  • Happy birthday Husky I hope you have an amazing birthday

  • the yamper should be named butter! :D

  • I finished the gym challenge and can’t wait to see what you think of it! Now I need to catch all the Pokémon and tend to my island while I wait for the extension pack

  • Happy birthday husky

  • Happy star wars day! wait... OH HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎉🎂

  • There are items hidden behind the professors house and around the house... also there was an item behind the clothing store

  • The fox you should name her stealth


  • I recommend catching every Pokémon you don’t have. You’ll know when you have the Pokémon during a wild encounter right by it’s level on the top right if it has a poke ball roughy next to it you have it

  • Nice

  • This is why I love Husky, the voices you put to these characters and all the smack talk you do, that’s what keeps me coming back for more! Thank you for all the amazing content!

  • Lol magikarp, but Gyarados is my favorite

  • Why did I find this now??????? I wanna say something about Charizard but I think it’s better that I tell you when you reach the end of the game.

  • Just came here for the hellovryone this isssss htotheuskhusky

  • Skwovet = Muncher! Rokeedee = Poe! Nickit = Swifty!

  • Skwovit: Peanut Rookidee: Rooky Nickit: Swipper Chewtle: Chewy Magicarp: Garry Yamper: Corgy

  • Name the owl Blathers! Like if you agree

  • You should definitely name one of your favorite pokemon Cookie so you have a Blueberry and a Cookie and you can always remember her!

  • All your Pokémon need to be food themed. Magicarp should be Lemon. The squirrel should be Peanut. The bird should be creamPuff. Nickit should be Rasberry.

  • Love the vid you should name the magikarp tsunami cuz it's a force to be reckoned with also there's an item by the lab that you may have missed

  • i already have a nintendo switch since 2017 i want my parents to get me animal crossing and pokemon sword and sheild but i have to do chores

    • Then do them and stop whining they didn’t have to buy it for you so be grateful they even did that.

  • you should name Rookidie Blathers

  • you need to be more British when doing the voices for the other characters

  • husky??? your alive?

  • Name ideas: the skuovet Nutella the rookidee: Peck the nickit: Nicki the chewtle: Cheewy the magikarp: Magi the yamper: Yammie

  • Considering current wide-world situation and the way you pronounce 'Skwovet' I think the name of your Skwovet should be Scovid

  • you could name all of them something food related :D

  • Some Pokemon are only available in Sword and some only in Shield like Galarian Farfetch’d so trading is a good idea! Also, I would think since it’s been a while since you played Pokemon, you might not be aware that there is a new type called Fairy, which is super effective against Dragon and Dark types, but weak to Steel and Poison types. The next gym is a Grass type gym, so it may be good to train Rookidee up a bit. I’m really enjoying the series btw, I’m a huge fan of Pokemon and I’m so glad to see you playing it!

  • Just so you know... If you see sparkly spots on the ground, they are items and tend to be rarer than those in the pokeballs on the ground.

  • Magikarp: Flop (cuz he just flops around) Yamper: Cookie Skuovet: Nutty Rookidee: Beek Nickit: mafia

  • I think you should definitely keep the team dessert themed!! Skuovet = Muffin Rookidee = Cheesecake (cause blue and yellow) I feel like since Blueberry is kind of the team leader (cause the starter) the rest should have names that can go along with 'blueberry'

  • Cookie

  • You should name nickit Swiper😂😂😂

  • I said this in the last one but you should name your Yamper Cookie in honor of her. Also, maybe your Skovert Sandy after SpongeBib? Chewtle Crush or Squirt from Finding Nemo?

  • Anyone want to buy me a switch? Lol Omg this game looks so fun. Thanks for letting me live through you, Husky!

  • Than was a really extreme zerg micro

  • 39:29 *Skuovet has left the chat*

  • 38:03 omg u gotta name the dog cookie!! 🥺🥺💖💖

  • 33:49 she been there the whole time?

  • 26:08 that's a nice room and it's nicer than mine

  • maggie the fish

  • 14:49 crush the turtle, like the one from finding nemo

  • 13:49 damon the fox 😂😂 i was thinking of tvd so i just went with it

  • rory the bird

  • sid/syd the squirrel

  • 9:09 where tf did he even come from

  • Use the swift to a pokemon I really wanna see it. And skwovet should be named Chipper or Alvin (from alvin and the chipmunks) and name rookidee "flappy bird" and lastly name the dog looking pokemon "cookie" for us to remember her

  • You can catch a slow poke when you return back by using the same train station

  • Call magikarp floppy

  • You should name the yamper cookie

  • Rookidee clearly should be Ro

  • i finished this game a month ago but i like enjoying you play

  • Hi just a small tip when you're battling a wild pokemon if you want to catch you can hit the X button instead of going into your bag to save a little time

  • Nikkit should be named Crimson

  • You should name the Skwovet Chunk and the Rookidee Flappers

  • The dog name should be lucky

  • If you go to the Pokémon center and heal your Pokémon it’ll get their moves back

  • The Pokémon center and you feel your Pokémon you’ll get your moves back

  • With the Berries they can hold them or you can use it in battle, also they can be used to make curry. If the berries are rare it makes a better curry, and a good curry have some benefits.

  • name the Rookedie Blood Freak