Visiting FIVE STAR Islands!!!

Publicerades den 24 maj 2020
Showing you my island from the future.
Watch Part 1:
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  • Island tours start here: 22:05. Hope you guys enjoyed the stream!

  • You can only have one island per Switch, so Ro can play and start her house and everything, but it will be the same island, so she can help you decorate it

  • That room could be a new gym like workout room I also think to should make a animal crossing and I mad the nerdy nummies cookies from ro first cook book there we’re so good.

  • Please bring more animal crossing vids!!

  • I only have a 3DS and play animal crossing new leaf.😐

  • I wish I had a nintendo switch ☹️

  • Hi husky!I love your videos!

  • If he visited my island if and when I get animal crossing mine would prob still be in the works

  • ***** 5 star

  • Did you stop doing these videos or did you stop playing? If you have a Dream Address, I'd love to visit! :D

  • I hope Ro plays Animal Crossing so we can see her island :D

  • Where did u get this game! I cant find it on my phone

  • I have a Starbucks! Lol come visit mine.

  • I think the name of the dog should be pina collada.

  • When will there be a part 9??

  • Hi

  • Right now I’m fostering kittens

  • How do so many of the islands have all of the fruit I’m only allowed to have cherries coconuts and peaches I can’t get Pears or apples or oranges or any or the other fruit how do you get the others

  • I have a 5 star island 🌴

  • Hi husky

  • Husky Tip here if u talk to any npc or players click B to fasten the text!

  • I’m sad there is no more animal crossing vids rn

  • Why do you not show when you type in a code ??

  • viallia bean

  • pls do more anomal crossing

  • Pls do more animal crossing I love them

  • you look like chris crocker


  • U should name ur dog milkshake she is so cute

  • The name vanilla bean is sooooo cute!

  • awwwww the dogs are so cuttteeee

  • Melshec

  • 33:15 this island is far away it must be pretty new Me it's not far away because I'm new it's because I live in iowa

  • I just subscribed and I don't regret it

  • Can you come to my island

  • Hi

  • Who Watched in bed???

  • She should be called mello

  • husky: **has a bunch of cool rooms in his house** also husky: doesn’t even have a room 😂

  • nilla wafer would be a good name!!

  • Hello husky

  • ❤️ 🐶 🎮

  • Are you bisexual?

  • Oh this is where you went....


  • You and Rossana are awesome

  • I give the 1st one 4 1/2

  • I loved it

  • Omg I love how Ro came out in the video!!!! It’s always fun to watch your guys relationship together. I wish the best for your guys doggy family hehe

  • Either coconut or vanilla bean

  • cupcake should be the dog's name

  • I’m sure the stupid people who shared their codes publicly are gonna get people coming to their islands and ruining all their stuff

  • I know this wasn't a option for the name of the puppy but I think marshmellow

  • *Aw I wish I could have you come to mine!! My isLand recently got 3 stars so I am pretty happy! :)*

  • If we can suggest a name. Puddin is my vote

  • hi

  • Omg you guys!! As soon as I saw the new puppy the only name I could think of was vanilla bean! She's sooo adorable!

  • I love the Japanese island! So lovely! 😍

  • To make it easier to type when you just tap the screen Pro tip

  • How about naming the white fog Marshmallow it sweet

  • I saw her and automatically thought you should name your new puppy Marshmallow!!

  • The island with the pink & blue houses, definitely a 10/5!! lol. One of the best I've seen so far!

  • OH MY GOD your new doggo ejjdbfurbejdbdjdbdidbd she’s so cute!!!!!!!🥺🥴 you guys should name it mellow (short for marshmallow) or bean (short for vanilla bean)

  • My moms name is Kerri too!!!

  • Do more bf vs gf challenge

  • I think Coconut is a good name for the pup!


  • WT ... I am speachless ...

  • Name her coco! short for coconut 🤗

  • What about Coconut Cupcake? Combine the two and give her a kind of matching name with Blueberry Muffin

  • ❤️

  • What about Pina Colada or French Vanilla? Or maybe Latte or Boba?

  • Loved the stream Husky! You should name the new doggie Coconut or Cupcake! ❤ Coconut = Because she is really cute and she is a white colour. Cupcake = Because it could fit with Blueberry's name. Blueberry Muffin & Cupcake

  • Her name should be Coconut or Marshmallow, I also like Ro’s idea of Milkshake. Congrats! Meringue is great too. But I think it has to be a food name.

  • You should name your new dog vanilla bean.

  • this one is a 5/5 it is soooo cool and relaxing so whoever created this is amazing at this game but my island is cooler!

  • Stream more plz, feature Ro more too.

  • Either Coconut ,marshmallow or meraunge.

  • Congrats Ro and Husky!!! I love the new puppy!!! I would name her Marshmallow or Milkshake or Vanilla Bean!!!!!!

  • Omg the new puppy is so cute!!! She looks like a little cream puff! Maybe that could be her name? Love you guys❤️

    • I love that name!

  • Milkshake 🥛 ! 🥛 ! 🥛 !

  • The new puppy is so cute! I’d name her chocolate chip!

  • i love it

  • hi

  • hahah i love that rosanna popped in

  • i love you husky

  • Will Ro make a video about new puppy ???

  • Name ur new puppy coconut 🥥 🌴

  • Husky can u continue making animal crossing videos instead of streams ??? Pls 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • What about frosting because she looks like a vannila frosting and to said that she was sweet and frosting is really sweet Love you guys I'm sooooo glad you got a new family member I'm sooooo excited for you guys hope y'all are doing well in this tough time

  • Husky I missed your Animal crossing videos! Love them! And I love Ro so much! Maybe you can call the puppy Sugar since she's so sweet and her color! It's a classic like Cupcake

  • OMG I LOVE THE NEW PUPPY!!!!!! So cute!!!!!

  • I love the New puppy can’t wait to see her name and I’m sorry to hear about Cookie and you’re dad I hope you will feel better soon and I’m praying for you 🙂 sorry if anything is misspelled 🙂

  • yeah Marshmallow is really cute

  • wooo new puppy

  • Vanilla Bean 😍

  • Congratulations on the new puppy! The name Creampuff came to my mind because of her creamy color and I think it suits her! You should do more streams. Sorry I didn’t get to watch this live. I was waiting for this livestream since you announced it. It’ll be an honor if you visit my island Anitopia and if you can show Ro too, that’ll be even better! The third island was very impressive so kiddos to whoever made it. I’ve been playing every day for a little over two moths now.

  • i missed it again! T_T watching just now ily

  • Wish I could’ve joined the stream, but I was on a hike :( Edit: a cute name for the dog would be marshmallow or vanilla

  • For someone who doesn't have a switch or the new animal crossing game, all of these islands were 5 stars! Great job y'all! Hey Husky! Keep up with the great work!☺

    • Most of them were pretty empty but had a couple cool areas.