FILLING MY MUSEUM! - Animal Crossing New Horizons Part 5

Publicerades den 22 apr 2020
The hunt for fossils begins!
Watch Part 1:
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  • Anyone else playing this game way too much??? 🦉🦉🦉

  • Could u do part 6

  • You know that guy on the beach he do you have to help them

  • bigger

  • yes you can make your house

  • Lol he called the owl mr hooty pants

  • yes u plant them to near

  • Option A 1, Option A 2

  • The ground is his

  • Husky, You know how Hamlet calls you hammie? I have a bird named Pierce and he calls me and my sis Hawkeye uhhhhhh.......👁👄👁

  • how do you get a shovel

  • how do you get iron nugget

  • you hav't to reset

  • The rock that you got a coin from was a money rock and you will get 16,000 bells from it

  • With rocks you can dig holes behind you so you don’t move cause you have to do it consistently for you to get all 8

  • You can make your pockets bigger

  • You missed a place in the meuseum in the windows with the fish

  • my heart sank when he left lily behind :(

  • That bird sailor on the beach you were supposed to wake him up and he will ask you to do some fun duty


  • 19:22 looks like donnald duck

  • Husky: hello its HS husky here Subtitles: Hello its HS jessica here XD poor husky... hes name was bullied by youtube

  • D

  • Hacker

  • 50:10 why is one of his eyes closed

  • 47:13 omg that's my name

  • You dig up the trees because they are too close and they won’t grow and they will grow even the money tree will grow

  • I feel like you would have so much fun making your own tarantula/scorpion island. 😂

  • how do u get a bed

  • 23:33 zebra turkeyfish wow what a combination of animals

  • I play the game and I love it 😍

  • The pink tree is a cheery blossom tree

  • To make medicine and then sell them ..

  • He missed so much if you go buy the windows but go left there is a door there and it leads you to more fish

  • It’s not you’re first time because you have played before

  • I can’t wait to get a switch so I can play this game all day

  • Vaulting poles don’t break it doesn’t say flimsy

  • My heart sank when I realized he wasn’t going talk to Lily again so she could move to his island! I love Lily!!

  • if you talk to the animals at other islands you can invite them to live at your island

  • 19:14 is that daffy duck

  • i didn't expect the museum to be so huge or to have an outdoors area

  • If you play at diffrent times of the day insted of at night you get diffrent stuff also

  • can we please have part 6 of animal crossing

  • The pink trees are cherry blossoms trees

  • Trees need two spaces between each one in order to grow. Once they're full-grown, you can replant them with only one space between each.

  • Tell ro I say I love her 😁👍

  • Username:sakriya120

  • Username:sakriya120

  • Sakriya120

  • nooooo invite lily to your island!!!

  • Put holes behind you before hitting the rocks, once you hit it there is a time limit and the holes will keep you from bouncing back and you will get everything out of the rock.

  • Can Ro play this game pls with you she will love the animals

  • You can download the IGN app and it tells you all kinds of good info like what times certain bugs/fish are available or how to get things in the game.

  • You can download the IGN app and it tells you all kinds of good info like what times certain bugs/fish are available or how to get things in the game.

  • You should surprise ro with a new puppy again

  • trees are supposed to be 1 whole apart so just dig a whole next to the tree then plant the tree after that and they should grow just fine

  • To plant a money tree you have to plant it in the money hole

  • Next time you run into a villager on another island you can continue the conversation and it allows you to invite them to live on your island! Also the drunk bird you found passed out on the beach is Gulliver - keep engaging until he asks for your help with a task!

  • do more videos of animal crossing pleasessssssssssss

  • Did you film this BEFORE Ro dyed your hair????????????????

  • Option B hair color and option b style

  • In the first game you could dig up the tree stumps, which makes the Island a little more cleaned up. And yes you need more space for each tree so they can grow bit. In time you Will be able to expand your house both in size and with cellar and second floor.

  • You can also eat the fruits and then use the shovel to dig up fully grown trees (including coconut trees on other islands). Eating the fruits basically gives you like super strength - after you have hit rocks and your timer has run out you can break them using your super strength for one more item out of them aswell ^_^. Keep up the vids! luv em.

  • What does h e s husky mean

  • Tips: - instead of using the shovel to cover up holes you dig up, press y to kick dirt over the hole so your shovel lasts longer - to get more stuff out of rocks (like iron nuggets or clay or gold), you have to hit the rock faster instead of spending time to line up and hit the rock - when hitting the rocks, dig a few holes behind you so it doesn't push you back and you can get more stuff - the pink trees (cherry blossom trees) that were planted in the video didn't give husky anything when he shook them because they are still growing. if you noticed, other trees were bigger because they were fully grown - after you chop trees down, they do not randomly grow back, so if you want trees, don't wait around for them to grow. they sell sprouts for trees though, so you can still buy trees and put them where you'd like - there is a bug that's called a mole cricket. it whistles like a cricket, but its underground. that means you have to use your shovel to dig it up. wherever you hear it the loudest is where it is and where you should dig. once you dig the right spot, it comes out, and you quickly need to switch to your net, and then catch it - if you want a person that you meet on a foreign island to move to your island, you need to keep talking to them until you get the option to ask if they want to move to your island - the wasp nest is for a recipe for medicine. i am pretty sure if you get stung by wasps and you talk to residents on your island BEFORE you buy medicine and heal yourself, someone will give you the recipe for medicine. (the recipe is 10 weeds and 1 wasp nest, pretty simple) - its good to spend your miles at the nook stop. eventually, you can redeem some miles for something called "pocket organization" or something like that and you can expand your inventory which is pretty helpful - you have to pay off all the fees for your house before you can make it bigger. once you pay off the fees, talk to tom nook and he'll ask if you want to expand also when husky had a tuna in his inventory at the start of the video, i was pretty shocked. that is not a very common fish! also if husky sees this, i think the hair color to the right of the one he is wearing might be better than the one he has on now, its a little yellowish. anyways hope these tips can help someone who comes across them :)

  • You need wasp nests and weeds to make medicine. Hitting rocks are timed. so surround yourself by digging holes. You can get up to eight. Talk to visitors on islands a few times to invite them to your island. That was Gulliver sleeping in the beach. Talk to him a few times, and he’ll wake up. Help him, and he’ll send your stuff in the mail.

  • sooo coool

  • Omg pls post more I love this series

  • You should do a Minecraft series!!!

  • Can You make a part 2 for the pokemon game you played

  • This was painful to watch

  • I massacre my whole Forrest because my OCD couldn’t take it 😂😂😂 not sure if you got the simply crafting bench yet but you can carry it around so you don’t ever have to run back to Tom nook when your tools break 😂

  • When filling in holes you can kick the dirt without having to use your shovel!

  • A few tips. One rock will give bells but all the others will give crafting mats. They will break if you eat a piece of fruit before you hit them, but will respawn in about a day. Your shovels (or axes if you use them instead) will break constantly while farming rocks. Have a few back-ups. Same goes for fishing rods, and nets. The pole vault and the ladder will never break. When shaking trees, have a net equipped. Often wasp nests will fall and they will chase you. If you get stung your face is deformed for about a day, unless you buy or craft medicine. If you're quick with the net you can catch them before this happens. On islands you can meet new villagers, and recruit them to your island. Tom Nook will task you with setting up their homes before they can move in. Also you can come across tarantulas and scorpions on island tours, they will sting you just like the wasp, but you'll actually "die" (pass out) from the sting. You wake up back at the plane and the pilot lectures you. But the scorpion/tarantula will still be there (provided they don't suicide into the water) for you to catch. The Nooklings pay VERY well for them. I've been an avid Husketeer since WoL beta. You really helped with my ladder anxiety, It's been so good to see you healthy and creating content again.

  • Can you please do a part 6

  • For the money tree only plant 10,000 because you will get either 30,000 bells or 90,000 bells.

  • I love this game I'm certain I can't stop thinking about it alot

  • I’d love a video on the things you’ve learned that are handy as a first time animal crossing player pls ❣️

  • If you eat the fruit it will allow you the strength to dig up trees...that’s how I got palm trees on my island

  • The wasps nest are the best because you can make your own medicine instead of paying a crazy amount for it

  • I got the rest of my nuggets by travelling to another island

  • You have to hit the rocks accurately but also quickly, otherwise you lose a material

  • You should do a #2 of pokemon

  • Husky’s tour guide voice reminds me of the guy that megamind switch places with in the movie Megamind 😂

  • The caption was like IT'S HAPPENING and I was going like yaaaaay finally Ro and Husky are getting married I'm so happy but this is disappointing 😬

  • Of you eat fruits you can dig up trees and take them home and plant them in your island. You can also plant the coconuts on Beach and you can plant some parr’s and plant them like that and if you talk to the people on the island then you can invite them to your island and you should bring and if you dig holes behinde you When you are hitting rocks you can get more have fun playing

  • Tips! - The difference between pink and green trees is nothing, but there are cherry blossom petals you can find floating around that you can catch! - Your house will have tons of upgrades, including a basement and a second floor (each upgrade comes with more storage in your house and more floor space) - If you keep talking to the villagers on the other islands, you can offer them to move to your island! - Vaulting poles do not break - I suggest getting the pro designer when you can! You can make hoodies, shirts, hats, etc. - I’m not sure when, but there will be an option to redeem nook miles for more pocket space! - Wasp nests can be used for medicine! Hope these help!

  • seeing husky ignore LILY like that because hes never played when I would have been so happy to see her made me wanna cry agdvjsfgjgd

  • Hey husky!! I just found out the other day that if you eat enough fruit it will make you strong enough to dig up a whole tree with a shovel!🤦🏽‍♀️ hope that helps!!

  • Dig holes behind you when hitting rocks so you don’t slide back! Yes they’re timed so you have to do it fast! Each rock can give up to 9 items :)

  • U probably won’t c this but if u put 3 holes around u when u go to hit a rock u won’t slide back and miss any! Also I play this game way to much 🙃

  • How do you have 3 lines of inventory?! I have only 2 😭

  • Did anyone else notice that he chopped down his money tree!💸🤣🤣

  • I am dying to play this game, but can't buy it nor buy the switch lite because my parents tell me it isn't a necessity during this virus so with that said I am playing animal crossing pocket camp until I can buy them.

  • We need a "Pylo" shirt !

  • Poor Husky! He built his shop and lost his JUST planted money tree!!!

  • I honestly don’t play Animal Crossing but I just love watching ur videos on playing that😊😊😊😊😊😍😘

  • For the rocks make 2 holes in the corner so you don’t get knock back because there is a timer on the rock when you hit it

  • His intro was only 5 seconds long that is a record!😆😁

  • The wasp nests can be used to make medicine.