OVERPOWERED POKEMON! - Pokemon Sword & Shield Part 5

Publicerades den 9 aug 2020
Filmed this a long time ago and just finished editing it!
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  • Its a galarian meowth regional variants

  • Husky can you get the evie

  • Here's the thing. I'm not a huge pokemon fan. I knew pikachu, squirtle, charmander and that's about it. I am now in love with pokemon. I got pokemon go (ik I'm late to it but whatever) and I watched these videos in 2 days. Thank you for introducing me to something new!

  • are we gonna see more Pokemon videos from you?

  • Why didn’t Husky get Eevee? 40:24

  • Name Growlithe Flare

  • Please make more Pokemon Sword & Shield videos!!!!!! ( I’m talking about Pokemon Sword & Shield Part 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  • Can you get Ro another French bulldog but a different color

  • c

  • Good job

  • Hi Husky you are my favorite

  • These videos are AWESOME!!!ps that weird meowth was a galarian form. look it up.

  • That was a galarian meowth

  • One does not simply get a Vikavolt before the first gym

  • 2:00 - Bonsly is a rock type in case you didn't know. 👍 (Also, it's pronounced bon-sly as in the word sly) 15:22 - Nope. Still a rock type. 32:11 - vike-avolt (as in viking or hike but with a 'v') 33:13 - Bede is a boy. 37:41 - That's a Galarian Meowth. Meowths looks like that in the Galar region. They also evolve into something different than in other regions. 39:29 - It's a grass type. 49:41 - It doesn't tell unless you've encountered that pokémon at least once before and if it still doesn't, it's because it isn't an attack. Also, if you haven't noticed, Pikachu and Eevee both have cries when they say their names just like in the anime. It used to be only Pikachu that had that kind of cry starting from Pokémon X and Y but then Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee came out so Eevee got that kind of cry too.

  • For your kindest information bonsly Is a rock type and not grass type

  • Oh the super effective and neutral and stuff is something called types matchup u can search it on google but its like each type has its weakness and resistances like fire its super effective against ice

  • some pokemon are galerian and they look different

  • Im an old school pokemon player all the old ones I still like but these new ones.....Yeahhhhhhh not my type. But thats just my opinion.🙄🙄🙄

  • the reason it only tells you how effective your moves are is only tells once you have already battled the pokemon otherwise if it is your first time battling it will will make you work it out yourself

  • When are you going to propose to Rosanna?

  • The Meowth that is a ather type on sword and sheild

  • Wait Husky I thought you got your hair dyed blue how after a month it's white now

  • Type status determines what is super effective. Ex: electric type is super effective against water type.

  • I would love to see u play spiderman walk through gameplay(ps4) cause my son loves it

  • Can you play Minecraft survival please?

  • When I was 4, I was a flower girl at my Aunt’s wedding. But instead of carrying flowers, my sister and I carried bears. Mine was red, so my 4 year old brain decided to name it Cherry Beary lol I still have it and it sits on top of my bookcase 🐻

  • Do more pokemon sword and sheild

  • I was like... “who’s gonna tell Husky that Bonsly’s a Rock-type” but thank goodness he noticed edit: misgendering aside, Husky mistaking Bede for a girl is kinda funny

  • It’s when you have already battled it it shows you what’s super effective

  • 😍😍😍😍please give me a heart plzz. u play so good

  • I see you and Ro are using your same surgeon. Looks like you are constantly holding in a burp.

  • Finally I love your videos there the best

  • If i were you i would research a bit more before getting too far ahead into the game it could get really tough

  • If you play more Animal Crossing, you and Ro should visit each other islands if you guys have different switches, that’ll be fun! Also, you can vist my ilsland, Anitopia if you want and do more of visiing other people’s ilsands. That might help if they have a better turnip price then you. Meowth in Galar reign looks like that. You can tell if it’s super effective or not if you battled the Pokémon you’re battling before. Also, you can go to the Isle of Armor now. The tundra one will be in the Fall.

  • I love these videos

  • You're one the people I actually like watching playing video games *:)*

  • This gameplay is coming along great!! Learning something new every game play also: LOOKING GREAT HUSKY!!! LOVING THE HAIR!!!

  • Hey husky not to sound snobby but bede is actually a guy husky can you please read this try not to sound like bede in any way because I remember I was watching a video and the little description for bede was actually “you didn’t know until half way through the game that he is a guy” so I kind of see you thinking he’s a girl and also if you are wondering what the pronunciation for his name it’s Beat like the vegetable

  • Can’t wait for the next vid😘

  • I used to think sudowoodo was grass type, but that was way back when I was a kid playing silver version.

  • You should do another gaming video with Ro I feel like that would be fun to watch.

  • I hope you continue the series - the videos are super fun to watch :)

  • “When in doubt Flamewheel it out” - husky 2020

  • I really hope we get new episodes weekly! Kinda refreshing seeing you play Husky, cause you both know and don't know what you're doing, which is nice to see! Yea, a helpful little tip, you should try and match the type of moves that your Pokemon have to which type they are, cause that way the moves are stronger! Also, Bede is not a girl... xD


  • This is my first time watching your game and I had fun watching it especially your reaction to a pokemon Hahahah



  • play overcooked again

  • I honestly have slightly mixed feelings on newer pokemon games. I played most all of them since I was younger, and can definitely say I find more of an engaging, and challenging experience with the older games than I do with the new games but I always do enjoy all of the games when I actually play them. So it's a toss up

  • Didn’t Ro dye his hair blue?

  • Hi person scrolling through the comments :3 Just wanted to say you are the greatest person ever and I really really really hope you are staying motivated,safe,and happy through these hard times 😊stay safe everyone! (From a small youtuber and help is appreciated ❤️)

  • I thought to would be here

  • I recommend also playing the isle of armor (I really enjoyed it)


  • Uhh Mike where is week 2 of your 30 day challenge??

  • Hi

  • So entertaining...

  • I've played sword and shield (both versions) multiple times each. I'm currently playing Ultra Sun on 3ds (already beat regular sun and ultra moon). And I've played a cpl of the older games. Sword and Shield is so easy. Like it's just flat out too easy. But it's targeted toward a specific audience (so to speak) and so I think it was smart on their part to keep it easy for today's kids but nostalgic while being updated (Looking better graphics wise). Pokemon let's go pikachu and eevee aren't BAD bad. The main gripe I have with sword and shield is I just want the dlc actually scaled to lvl 100. I was anticipating it based off of rumors and I one hit ko'd everything aside from 1 pokemon ib the dlc. So that was kinda lame.

  • SPOILER ALERT Chairman Rose IS THE BAD GUY Also Bede is a dude Another thing Yamper evolves into Bolthund

  • Yeah!! I love Pokémon!! So excited.

  • OK so, using Charge in tandem with any Electric moveis good, because you increase it's damage and increase your defenses. Vikavolt is pronounced like Vike-a-volt Bede is a male, in which it is pronounced like Bead You might want to keep Noibat, because Dragon Types tend to be good types, with the only drawback being Fairy Type or Ice Types Pokemon have Regional Forms, as of Alola, with Meowth being a good example. They look different and their typing changes!

    • Noibat takes forever to evolve (it does so at level 48) but it’s well worth it imo. I had a Noivern on the Champion Cup roster in my own Shield playthrough. (The rest of the roster was Cinderace, Boltund - Yamper’s evolution, Abomasnow, Umbreon - my favorite Eeveelution, and Bronzong.)

  • That's not true because their are other pokèmon with different pokèmon Region types. Like Exegguater who is taller in the Alon Region than the kanto region. Eve is also another good example because each of it's type work with the environment that it lives in.

  • Where’s animal crossing?

  • The attack menu will show what moves are effective only after you have battled the Pokémon before, as their data is stored in the RotomDex.

  • your back wwwwooooooooo

  • Oh, I was watching this awesome vid in the bathroom.... Without the joycons On the *Switch* great vid!

  • So I've become obsessed with this series, thank you so much, but I got lucky part 5 was 6 hours ago... Hope it isn't a long wait for the nxt part!

  • Can you do more ACNH and more Twitch streams plz

  • You need to face the Pokémon at least once before you know it weakness

  • Head into the Wild area pass the bridge and go all the way to your left for a fire stone for growlithe to evolve

  • The meowth is alolan

  • Finally!!

  • give yamper a chance!

  • Yay ur back

  • I never clicked on a video so fast. I miss your uploads!!!! I love that you posted again!!!❤️ Yamper is gonna evolve in level 25 think

  • it's a wild meowth, its exclusive to the new game

    • also, when it says super effective, its because that type move is stronger against the opponent (i.e. fire vs grass)

  • Omg I didn't know u had sword and shield I FRIKEN LOVE UR CONTENT BRO KEEP IT UPPPPPP👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • You need to get a beedrill, beedrill is the best pokemon

  • Omg I love these videos so much husky

  • heyy it's the destiny cloud fist guy

  • Husky is making are quarantine 10000000 better

  • Hihihihihihihihi h

  • I'm glad you're back 😉🙌🏻💪🏻

  • i think u should name ur new fire pokemon blaze or inferno, like something related to fire

  • don't lie... you are happy for a PvZ gsl final!

  • 39:16 it kinda looks like an acorn or some kinda nut

  • 32:26 from loaf of bread to rocket-ship looking bug 😂😂 he does look like a rocket-ship ngl

  • Meowth lokes like that because its his regional form. He is one of the only pokemon to more than 1 regional form (kantonian, alolan and galarian)

  • You can find a fire stone in the wild area, meaning you could evolve your Growlithe anytime

  • 9:28 it looks cute

  • Yes new vid

  • Im so glad you posted

  • I have been waiting for this video thinking of getting the game 🤔

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  • Love these!

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    • Hello Ro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your channel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love all your videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Hello

    • She's so cute always sneaking her way into your comments. You two are awesome.

    • ty for introducing me to his wholesome content

  • You can get rid of grubhub for orbeetle its a cool pokemon too evolves from blipbug also you can get rid of noibat to get dreepy instead

  • *This is exactly what I needed today!* You're awesome Husky!.