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  • I am having so much fun playing this! Thank you all for the support on these fun gaming videos. Are there any other Nintendo games I should play??? đŸ€”đŸ€”đŸ€”


    • @Sarah Lee hyes

    • Or pocket camp idk

    • New leaf

    • Harry Potter Lego or marvel SO FUN

  • To clay,stone or iron nugget you use a axe and hit the rocks!😄

  • Just wait until you pay your last upgrade from your house, it’s 2,448,000 Bells

  • How many cast does it take for Mike to get to the center of a fishes sight lol 15

  • You need to eat fruit to cut down trees

  • Is anyone watching these during Quartin

  • you can hit the rocks with the ax

  • the gold patch is 1,000 bells you can bury back in the hole and wait a few days for a money tree to grow

  • omg i love the video im in love with the game infact im playing it right no lol

  • Husky you had to dig that with a shovel and then you could plant it again to get a tree that grows bells or just take it

  • In the game it will rain you will need the umbrella

  • Can you please play animal crossing with your girlfriend rosanna

  • You didn't make the sukulint

  • If you find a golden spots on the ground you can dig it up and get $1,000 and put $10,000 so you get a money tree and then 7 Days Later you get $30,000

  • The glowing yellow thing coming out of the ground is bells buried in the ground and if you burry 10000 bells where they were buried In The hole in a couple days you will get a money tree

  • To use the slingshot if you see a balloon and a present The little ball thrown up to try and get the ball to like hit the balloon and then it will give you the present

  • Good morning đŸŒžâ˜€ïž

  • Those golden holes on the ground are supposed to plant some money trees. If you use a shovel to dig it, and bury 10,000 bells in the hole, the tree will come out in a few days.

  • When you see the glowing thing you take it up with a shovel and it's something really cool usually

  • I wot you to a sneezen

  • But like relationship goals

  • If you make a shovel and dig into a glowing spot and put money in it, it will grow a money tree.

  • My loan is 400,000 bells...the loans in this game are real

  • I like the nerdy nummies shirt it is so cute.

  • Hi

  • How do you get a fishing rod? I just got the game! $60!! Please help lol

  • Who would dislike this? He’s so entertaining

  • I was watching this video and waiting for animal crossing to download on my Nintendo Switch!

  • I honestly have never been interested in Animal Crossing, but I love watching your videos so I clicked regardless..... And now I want this game lol

  • When it's snowing you can catch snowflakes and build snowmen with 3 snowballs!

  • Tip- when you are playing and see the ground glowing dig it up cause it’s 1,000 free bells and you can also plant a money tree.... I’m also a big fan!! 💕💕💕

  • The thing in the ground is bell 1000

  • You can usually talk to the ghoust, and they usually want something. And i think you can only bring tom nook one of the same thing everyday

  • How do you get D.I.Y recipes like husky

  • And you will need the umbrella if it rains in the game

  • Make sure you don't use the ax too much or it will break but you can make it again

  • It's not just been 24 hours. It's been two years, three months, and 24 hours. Your original videos were set to January 2018 according to your Nook Miles stamps. Now it's March 27, 2020. Obviously you corrected the time on your switch. The game realizes that. It runs in real time based on your clock. So it thinks two years have gone by.

  • Look at the ocean some times because there are message bottles

  • More Animal Crossing plz

  • Money grows on trees in this game

  • How do you screen record on the switch

  • Good video and you could play Super Smash Bros the new one and I also want to see you play some scary games because I love scary games and when I watch people play scary games and something scary happens is scares me but I just love scary games and I hope you will play some on your Channel as wellđŸ–€đŸ–€đŸ–€đŸ–€đŸ–€đŸ–€đŸ–€đŸ–€

  • Love these vids Husky!!!!

  • DO IT

  • sord or shild

  • I have pokemon cards.

  • one segestion pokemon sun or moon or both it dose not matter

  • Make this a series! Its so fun to watch and really popular right now!!

  • Those gold glowing things in the ground mean when you dig it up you will get money and then before you fill the hole back in, plant as much money as you would like, into the hole and it will grow a money tree! (Shovel needed)

  • you need to make the pan to make fish!!

  • please pick up your weeds

  • Husky if a bee hive falls from a tree your can get the bees with your net.

  • Stay safe and stay home. I don’t want you getting sick. Everyone stay safe.

  • Husky I was trying to do the smart cookie but did not have dose colors I had more simple colors

  • You get three pieces of wood with each tree you can't cut down trees with the flimsy axe but you can get iron, clay and stones from rocks you can get a way across the river once you get a pull vault recipe once the musesum curator calls nook and wants residence Also the glowing spots on the ground those are filled with bells and different colored balloons are different items for example yellow gives you lots of bells Ps. Love you Husky been watching you and rosanna for a while finally the water coming out of the sand are manilla clam and you can make fish bait enjoy the game

  • When you get a message in a bottle you need to open it so you can get the DIY recipe

  • Your nook phone will make a buzzing/ding noise when you earned nook miles

  • More animal crossing videos

  • You need to dig it up it has money in it

  • I can’t wait for you to build your house!

  • Can you make a video on the Virus going on in LA since you explaine this really well !

  • Gold sparkle.dig it up.plant money. Money tree!

  • Please keep doing animal crossing videos

  • They reacted like that because you changed the date btw

  • You should make a new video for animal crossing

  • If u eat a fruit it gives u energy, then u can chop down or dig up a tree. And an easy way to find out if the fish or the bug u caught is new is to see if the person says yes! when they catch it. And the glowey gold thing on the ground was a money tree, if u dig it up it will give u 1000 bells. And if u plant for exmp. 10,000 bells when it grows it will give triple the amount, so 30,000 bells, and u dont need to water it. And a new one spawns everyday (U need to get a shovel though 😅)

  • Thank you for making theses videos of animal crossing as I will be getting it now it is so good game

  • Next time you see something shiny out out the ground bury 10,00 bells and you'll get a bell/money tree. The total will come out to 30,000 bells

  • If I had to guess I would say your name is Chad

  • You can get more than 3 pieces of wood you just have to pick up as you go and you have to clear the area e.g weeds so the items can drop

  • I think you should play Pokemon Shield

  • So when he says Yes! It means it's a new bug or fish. Gold spots on the ground you need a shovel and big them up and its bells.. but if you bury them back in the hole like 3 days you'll grow a money tree. When you play at different time you can catch different bugs or fish Also listen when you are fishing you can hear them nibble then bite lol... once the fish notices it I close my eyes and wait for the catch and push the button. Also the different coloured wood is for different items.

  • ArchieRKO 🎉

  • i super love love love love love love watching this, like it comforts me as a person during this time :( luv u sm

  • That ghosts name is wisp! later in the game, when he appears again, he will give you a quest and if you do it he gives you an item

  • I'm thoroughly enjoying these videos thank you Husky :)

  • I have never played Animal Crossing and two days ago I just thought "what the heck" I will try this game out and I am HOOKED lol! I'm glad you are enjoying this game. It's actually a lot of fun.

  • Dude, just wait til you get that museum built. It is the coolest thing in the game.

  • Yes to Pokemon!

  • It's not snowing anymore and your villagers are talking like you've been gone a long time. Did you fix your Switch's clock?

  • I have never played this game, and i really enjoyed watching you play this game, so keep it up Husky! :D (bad english sorry)

  • Later on in the game you can customize you island flag and your nook phone. so if you wanted you could use the nerdy nummies design you made for them.

  • Maybe you could play resident evil 3? the new remake? :00

  • I have never played a PokĂ©mon game, so if you do play I hope you share with the video ;) have a great day!

  • Hi Husky! Love the videos and the Nerdy Nummyies virtual merch :) Tips: -Visit the ATM/Nook Stop in Resident Services every day (free Nook Miles, even if you don't use any of the services) -For fishing (I feel you on those smart fish!), you can cast a little upstream from the fish in the rivers, because the bob will slowly move downstream, and the fish will then see it as it floats closer. In the ocean, I find you kind of have to aim it just right (unfortunately). -Once you're able to make an ax again, make sure you hit your rocks first - because you need a stone for a flimsy ax. Then go around and chop wood for other craft-ables :) -The slingshot can only shoot upwards because it's used for shooting down balloons that have presents. They usually start flying in over the island after a few days of game play. You can hear a whooshing sound, so be on the lookout for those. -When you're shaking trees, I recommend keeping your net OUT with you. You can still shake trees with a net in your hands. This way, if you do run into a wasp, you can catch it with your net instead of getting stung (you have to be fast though). -That golden spot in the ground that you found in the video requires a shovel (you'll have to wait on that from Tom Nook). Once you are able to craft and use a shovel, you can dig up those spots for bells. ADDITIONALLY, if you then take out some bells from your pockets (either 100, 1000, or 10,000 increments) and bury it in the golden hole, it will make you a money tree. Good luck with the rest of the game! And if you want to do Pokemon Sword/Shield, it's a super fun game - I recommend choosing the game based on the game exclusive Pokemon you prefer. Both games are great!

  • Can u play Roblox?

  • One of the rocks on your island will give you money if you hit it.

  • OH YES PLAY POKEMON SWORD AND SHIELD im playing it and im sure you'll have fun with it too

  • omg wait where do u get a slingshot??

  • So sad that you withdrew all your old videos. It's just a piece of history that a lot of people enjoyed, gone. And for what? Every time you post a video, I get reminded :(

  • new yes

  • Just some tips :) 1. If you are standing directly behind a rock, dig one hole directly behind you, and then one hole either to the right or the left of the first hole. Then stand in front of the middle of the two holes, and use a shovel to hit the rock. If you continuously hit “A”, you will get all 9 items from the rock. The purpose of the holes is so that you don’t get pushed away from the rock! 2. Use a shovel to dig up a glowing area, and then replant the money bag in that same hole! It will grow a money tree! 3. If you get mail, sometimes it has a present attached to it! Grab that present from “Mom”, and open it when it’s in your inventory! .. If you see this, I hope it helps!

    • Husky Omg of course!! I love watching your videos!!

    • Thank you!

  • Totally play PokĂ©mon!! I played PokĂ©mon Sword, and I hear that that is the more popular version of the two :) They are basically the same, just with different pokĂ©mon and such

  • Make sure to take all the weeds out for some easy bells :)

  • When fishing you need to cast in front of the fish so it can see it, not right on top of it. 🙂

  • I can’t buy a switch anywhere! I can’t play this game! So watching you play this and uploading so often makes me so happy!!! Thank you!!! đŸ™đŸ»đŸ™đŸ»đŸ™đŸ»đŸ™đŸ»đŸ™đŸ»

  • You should so play all the pokemon games id happily watch it :)

  • I cant wait till he gets stung by the wasps.

  • do a part 4

  • the golden thing is a money bag you need to dig it up with a shovel