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Thank you to Falcon Northwest for gifting me my new streaming rig!
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New Computer Specs:
Power Supply EVGA SuperNOVA G3 - 1000 Watt
Motherboard Asus® PRIME X299 Deluxe II
Processor Intel® CoreTM i9-9960X 16 Cores - 32 Threads - 4.5GHz
Processor Cooler Asetek® Liquid Cooling 650LX
Memory 64GB - 4x16GB - 2666MHZ
Video Card NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 2080 Ti 11GB - Founders Edition
Second Video Card SLI NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti With NVLink SLI
Operating System Drive - SSD Intel® OptaneTM 905P - 1.5TB SSD - U.2 - PCI
Data Drive - SSD Samsung® 970 EVO - 2TB SSD
- M.2 - PCI Express
Optical Drive DVD Writer
64-Bit Operating System Windows 10 Pro
Rescue Drive USB Rescue Drive
Warranty 3 Years Parts and Labor
Monitor Asus® PG348Q 34" 3440x1440 - G-SYNC
This channel is for videos that more closely follow the experiences of my life. This includes gaming, vlogging, friends, family and more.
Let me know what other kinds of videos you'd like to see! I will be reading through the comments!


  • Which computer would you rather have? Also... what's going on with our kitchen lights?? 😳😳😳

    • The falcon north west

    • Hmmm, do you use LED bulbs in the kitchen lights? If so, the camera might be picking up on the frequency they emit, causing them to appear to flicker. If they do that when you look at them through the naked eye, CALL AN ELECTRICIAN!

    • PC. I am not a fan of Apple.

    • haha i was just going to comment that myself about the lights lol

    • I think it would look cool if ur put highlights


  • what is the pc case called

  • I saw the Needy Nummies logo in Falcon's gallery. So cool to see this!

  • I have almost the same computer just not 13k 😊

  • Please do more computer videos!

  • this pc case in Turkey price 80K Turkish Lira bro.

  • Does Rosanna know

  • I don't understand... How can i defend my mineral line?

  • Every time, I click some of his videos, then start his intro, I always get startled


  • Dude that ductaped foam was was just for safety during the shipping. you are supposed to remove it after shipping and it has nothing to do with the pc.

  • Doesn't he know that rgb adds 10 extra frames?

  • Cool video. Thanks!

  • Just me or this computer not seem that impressive for the price...? I guess I'm not in the market for something that high end, but still seems high.

  • Me thinking that the Mac Pro desktop is a cheese grater

  • Yooooo, I just built my own gaming computer for the first time and I just set up the exact same monitor you have but smaller!

  • the mac pro desktop looks like a cheese grate

  • The first ever video that don’t have ads ...Well done Husky

  • Dam she is expesive

  • I kept thinking that was a cheese grater to like make a joke of it.. but then I googled it and it literally looks like that XD (but that is actually a cheese grater still, so I wasn’t going insane 🤗)

  • You and Ro are such genuinely kind, caring and charming people to watch. I love how sweet you are to each other and how easy you both are to watch on SEnewss. I’m so glad you have a channel now too that you are active on. I feel like no matter what you do on it you will attract an audience. You both deserve every good thing that comes your way! I mean it when I say I look forward to more content from you. 🤓

  • what was the point in spec comparison of a $11K custom and a $6K comparing the cost of the desktop/monitor combo is not equivalent

  • Plzz and make a gaming channel

  • Play minecraft with mods

  • Hmmmm....what game should HuskyStarcraft play? It’s right there on the tip of my tongue, but I can’t quite think of what it is.

  • Omg, I love it. Definitely a PC person over Mac. When it comes to components and internal hardware, PC will always give you more than what is expected from the price. With Apple, you are paying for the brand. Though I can agree that they have some great monitors when it comes to quality picture and colours. Would love if you could make a video of the process you use to keep your system running in tiptop shape. Like what programs you use to clean it, defragment, using a can of compressed air and how often? Stuff like that :3

  • Is he wearing make up? I am trying to figure out how he looks so different from a few years ago and I just can't pinpoint it.

  • H

  • Minecraft!

  • you look great in that Hoodie! Still happy to see content again from H to the usky Husky, even if im sad i cant watch the sc2 Songs anymore :P

  • CD rom drive in a 13k desktop build in 2019?

  • C'mon Husky. You know what the micro in micro roasting is.

  • Also, protect your voice. No one demands from you to comment in real time and in a rapid tempo. Do it slow. If you can't help yourself, then don't start this.

  • Be real with me did you smash yet?

  • Apple still gives you a sticker

  • Fornite

  • It looks like rosanna's place..

  • Oh this is more of a Reliable Workstation build. That is my preference also, not a fan of Blinged out Gaming Rigs. I just want some realy high end specs that is super reliable and cooled properly.

  • How about: COOKING A SURPRISE DINNER for my girlfriend video🍽🍷🍮

  • Husky. Please do roblox streams/videos please

  • This PC is a beast

  • Please do trying one of ro's recipes without her helping

  • Hi I'm now.

  • My husband (fellow computer builder) was drooling a little bit lol

  • i saw cookie and blueberry

  • Swedish crowns is gonna cost like 121 645,68kr

  • New subscriber here🙌

  • hey husky if you are still dating Rosanna Pansino you might not know that there is some who likes her

  • Bronze league heros

  • after more than 3 years of not watching you and not knowing what had happened with your channel, I got here, and I have to tell the truth I do not care if you continue or not with the Starcraft videos or not, it makes me happy to know that you are now where you want, I hope everything goes well for your new project :) continue like this, attentively an old follower

  • Is Dota too much of a long shot to ask for??

  • You quiff tho 😂

  • Hello when is the pink tennis court coming? 😂😉💖

  • i can't believe what abomination husky has become

  • Are you sure the Mac isn’t a grater? I mean, it looks like one.

  • You should compare it to an actual workstation from HPE or Dell. This is a gaming machine. Different market. Buying the Mac for gaming. (any Mac by the way) for gaming is nonsense.

  • Please change ur hair colour. It's really bad, you'd actually look like a decent man with brown, natural looking hair

  • Lets make husky's channel to million

  • Hello husky

  • The Mac pro desktop looks like a cheese grater

  • You're gonna stream again? THANK YOU SO MUCH. ITS WHAT THE FANS WANT. WE MISS YOU.

  • More black mesa

  • Wait does this mean that play half life

  • I have a family member that can take apart, rebuild, and can fix computers. I love him.

  • Play Warcraft: Reforged when it comes out PLEASE!!!

  • Play the simsssss! Lol

  • Do you play Fortnite

  • Omg I’m almost like listening to a computer lecture! I love it

  • Love you so much

  • Kitted out computers might break easily, but the looks of your amazing protoss build (with the awesome pimp my ride-esque video) totally inspired me to start building my own computers 😎😎

  • Assassin's Creed, Fallout, Skyrim or Destiny. All my faves right now.

  • 7:20 That piece of foam is for shipping only, and it can be removed from the case, or they wouldn't have used painters tape.

  • I legit thought you were showing a picture of a cheese grater.

  • Oooh she is sexy!

  • Mac Pro looks like a cheese grater

  • Try mobile gaming!!!!! And let us know what you think of that!!😁 give us your thought and experiences plz Pppsssssttt try Tales of Wind! 🤩

  • You got ripped off...

  • @husky, that piece of foam is so you hard drives don't fall off during shipment :)


  • are you a computer nerd

  • I’m really glad you specified what did what. And you really did seem excited or happy about the product you were reviewing. 👌

  • PLAY MINECRAFT !!!!!!!!!!! ( And Roblox ....)

  • 13:50 not being mean but ( pls don't get me wrong ) the lights in top of u r broken u should buy another ones

  • Minecraft

  • Welcome back, Husky!

  • your teeth are really uniform, could not stop staring at them. Really cool video 🖒

  • Please look into Hollow Knight, that game is amazing.

  • Will you be doing sc2 again if so will be seeing bronze league heroes?

  • gotta say, even tho Husky has changed a lot im excited to see him get back to gaming! :D

  • You should play Destiny 2, Starcraft 2, maybe The Division 2

  • Are you gonna stream on YT or Twitch?

  • You should surprise Ro again, but this time with an... ENGAGEMENT RING! 💍

  • Ro: “Apple does give you a sticker!” Husky: “They don’t anymore...” Ro: Starts Hyperventilating***

  • Husky you gonna stream starcraft 2 again?

  • This vid brought back warm fuzzies for me💜. I met my husband 20 years ago..and way back in those days he was building all his own computers. It was one of the things that made me want to date him 😋 The big name in PC was Alienware (before they sold out) and my husband is PC all the way. Always will be. Huge gamer still ..even in his 40s..and I find it endearing. 💓💓

  • Husky we’ve got cords for days 🤣🤣🤣

  • This is crazy informative ! Cuz i don’t know any techy stuff haahaha luv u husky and Ro

  • That ultra wide monitor

  • Awh no glass panel to see the inside sad