Noob Plays Fortnite For The First Time Ever

Publicerades den 20 jul 2019
I tried playing Fortnite for the very first time ever. How did I do? 😂
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  • I'm the next Tfue

  • This man is playing on 60 FPS on pc bruh

  • Play call of duty

  • More Fortnite with Ro! P.S I play Fortnite too and the game is awesome, but I don't have a mic

  • Get better

  • This season Gets me bad memories the mechs

  • Play Starcraft 2 dude

  • No carry on Bronze League Heros man. Broke my 💔

  • The editing... OH MY GOD THE EDITING! 😂😂🤣🤣

  • If only you had ever played a game that required more skill maybe youd do better at fortnite. Too bad you didnt ;)

  • H to the usky husky!

  • I have never played fortnite either

  • Hey husky do a video on fortnight with rosanna

  • man, I miss half life

  • if you like to hide then you are a sniper but if you are a sniper you need to be able to hide on or in something and not shoot all the time and not shoot people who are moving shoot people who are not moving


  • He is truly a mood😍😂

  • Wow watching this is just about how well i do.. i'll just say sorry now to anyone who was ever on my team, but in some game times my whole team is gone and i get the team down in the single numbers... then I get taken out... always.

  • When Husky is a Bronze League Hero at Fortnite😂

  • Please play Minecraft on your chan

  • Def play some more fortnite team rumble on your channel

  • this rts looks weird

  • I will never subscribe to you but to Rosanna pasino I love her videos

  • I’m not even into watching people play games, but Husky can make anything fun.

  • Do more fortnite vids!

  • Play roblox tht is much better☺️

  • I can see why you are dating ro 😂 YOU GUYS ARE THE ULTIMATE CINNAMON ROLL TOGETHER

  • Playing Fortnite with Ro...

  • lolz

  • Their team name was HornPub. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • i love how majestic he said "got emmm" 11:37

  • fortnite is dead

  • remember me, kevin. Mike, I want you to work for Square enix FPS MMO virtual reality development!!

  • Let's play should do the trick

  • Lol 😂

  • Minecraft pls with ro

  • Ur neat

  • I have waited a long time for u to make another gaming video it is just fun i dont care the game it seems ,but if u a reading this try path of exile or dota 2 or some co op star2 🤷‍♂️ and if u want to suffer play dota 1 😱

  • Ржака :)

  • *Sees John Wick skin* Keanu Reeves is shaking

  • I hurts to watch him not know what to do

  • He is SOO funny 😆 I think I found the next ninja

  • Husky, where have you gone? It's like you're dead to me. I missed you but now I don't really care anymore. Bye bye. In the future when you try to figure things out financially, get a job at mcdonalds.

  • I missed Husky so much, now this is sad for me and at the same time its real nice, i wish we could have gotten the last campaign on SCII from Husky, but hey, stay healthy and happy with that beautiful wife, i hope i can meet you one day, you were the reason i started following youtube gaming. Good day!

  • I feel like team rumble is the best game mode to enhance your skills in fort before facing the real challenge in solos, duos and squads... It helps you learn to master the gameplay

  • OhhHhH YAy FrEe sTuFf!

  • If you go back to the roots with huskystarcraft, then i will gladly watch every video as i did before ;) I know the reason why you quit but its not really a matter anymore?

  • I Love How You're Playing This When The Game Died And Burned In Hell 💕💕💕 Subrcribed

  • Get Ro to play

  • Do u have a twitter

  • Is husky secretly alphastar?

  • Googled HuskyStarcraft to see what he is doing nowadays, this is just downright depressing.

  • Are you the husky raid guy

  • After long hours of work Husky is finally alone in his room. He pulls the blinds on his window, locks the door, takes off his blonde wig, pours himself a glass of vodka and logs into his secret barcode account.

    • Me tho without the vodka

    • Husky is alphastar

  • Who is cute? A. Husky (Like) B. Denis (Reply)

  • Do more

  • you were by far my favorite starcaft caster! I absolutely abhor your hair... glad your well tho... cut ur hair...

  • Hey husky! How about you propose to Rosanna, maybe we will see her cry 😉😏 But if I'm late when is the wedding?

  • man...that ending sentence.....i remember when i was 8th grade (currently im 22) not knowing anybody, sitting at the end of the classroom, watching Husky casting hr daily starcraft 2 game on my HTC desire (i was one of the few who had mobile internet) and man, this made me tear were such a big part on my life for soo many years...

  • Husky I love this ❤️ please do more but with ro and do a into please keep up the good work

  • 9:31 that was a storm bottle you can throw it and it will put the storm there for a while or you can throw it in the Stromboli’s and you won’t die there

  • 11:35 GOT HIM

  • Tengo sentimientos encontrados #huskyvuelvealsc

  • Is it just me or does Husky look like Gru's brother from despicable me

  • Who still plays fortnite? AKA, in my opinion, IT SUCKS!!

  • I hope you know the background is not fortnite it is save the world almost the same thing

  • Lol ur better than me😂😂😂😂

  • The thumbnail photo tho Lol

  • Did anyone else just wanna reach through the game and go OK THIS IS HOW YOU PLAY and it really bothered me 😂😂😂

  • You should make a other fortnite video

  • Playing with uu husky

  • That was meee

  • You should play Minecraft

  • Why is this whole video a meme? 😂😂👏👏👌👌

  • I do enjoy gaming but the Fortnite part, not so much. Keep up the good work

  • Yessssss moreeeeeee

  • I actually love this

  • The first and only time I played I got 10th because I stayed in long enough 😂

  • You should play Minecraft husky

  • Just watched because it's you. Long time subscriber here. Nice video.

  • Fortnit fact:always try to build. I been playing since season 6 and still dont have a skin

  • Fortnite fact:always drink ur minis/shields when u get them

  • One v one me u bot

  • Try the campaign! I think it's better actually than the battleroyale..

  • I don’t play anymore and don’t really like it but, you made me really like watching this!!!🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️

  • No no no no no!!! I like your videos but please..... DONT PLAY FORTNITE! Please play Minecraft

  • Can you please game with Ro and do like gf and bf duo match?


  • You should do a trying asmr vid

  • 👏👏👏👏👏good gob

  • I guess i'm no longer Husky's target audience =/

  • Sellout.. get back to good games.

  • It's nice to see you going back to your roots. Even if it's Fortnite. Classic gaming commentating Husky.

  • Can you and RO play DUOS

  • Can I friend you in Fortnite please

  • Best video ever! I didn't watch u before, but why would u ever stop making videos?!

  • Fallout 76 has a grown up fortnite called nuclear winter mode 😬

  • Are u Ro's bf

  • Please do another “ I tried re-creating a nerdy Nummi‘s cake” in 2 hours

  • Your commentary is legit the best!!! 😂😂😂