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My name is Husky and welcome to my SEnewss channel.

I have been Rosanna Pansino's manager for 10 years and love making SEnewss videos!


17:59Surprising My Girlfriend With A New Car!
Surprising My Girlfriend With A New Car!visningar 276tn5 månader sedan
26:50A FALL GUYS Record! - Part 2
A FALL GUYS Record! - Part 2visningar 24tn6 månader sedan
19:51Playing FALL GUYS For The First Time! - Part 1
16:44My Girlfriend DYES MY HAIR Blue! w/ Rosanna Pansino!
15:07Surprising My Girlfriend With Our New Puppy!
1:11:35Visiting FIVE STAR Islands!!!
Visiting FIVE STAR Islands!!!visningar 37tn9 månader sedan
1:04:44Animal Crossing BIRTHDAY Live Stream!
Animal Crossing BIRTHDAY Live Stream!visningar 47tn9 månader sedan
19:40Rosanna Pansino BLEACHES My Hair!
Rosanna Pansino BLEACHES My Hair!visningar 446tn10 månader sedan
25:26Surprising My Girlfriend With A Trip To Hawaii!
Surprising My Girlfriend With A Trip To Hawaii!visningar 1,3mn11 månader sedan
23:39LETS PLAY: Overcooked 2 w/ Rosanna Pansino!
17:58THE $13000 PC UNBOXING
THE $13000 PC UNBOXINGvisningar 62tnÅr sedan
MY GIRLFRIEND BUYS MY OUTFITS!!visningar 513tnÅr sedan


  • Cocanut

  • I wish I can die my hair

  • I wish they named her Cream so Cookies and Cream but its ok happy for them

  • beautiful couple keep it up

  • I like vanilla bean

  • Coenie criem

  • Did anyone else find it hilarious that she floored it when she started driving? Like damn, that thing can pick up speed!

  • Name that bat berry

  • ro is too innocent for this world

  • Spoiler: Coconut is her name in the future

  • More DOGGO vids pls

  • what happened to cookie

  • They should have named her Jaws...

  • Ro

  • H to usky husky :(

  • Omg love the hair

  • Coconut 🥥

  • Coconut 🥥

  • Coconut 🥥

  • Coconut 🥥

  • Hi

  • i thout he said i like my burrito underwater in shrip coktail ..........

  • Coconut

  • happy birthday!

  • Butter cream

  • Make a new video

  • You should name her coconut

  • Coconut cream

  • They are literally like may favourite couple Guys dont stop being yourself ❤😊 love u

  • 🎂🍰🍫🍩🍨🍧🍦🍡🍬🍭

  • Wait let's just all appreciate that re cap moment that was slow motion which she sprinkle that water in to her face love u Ro ❤🤣🤣🤣❤

  • very hard time falling asleep, ro,try melatonin!


  • This is her daughter you should name the puppy 🐶 white chocolate

  • Cry I was right

  • Cook of love

  • The whole margin conversly suit because juice phylogentically decide across a quack capricorn. worthless, momentous substance

  • Yes do the chalange

  • 24 hour on the unicorn 🦄 floaty challenge please


  • I have two feet long hair so I laghed a littel when Ro said his hair was long

  • This is totally of topic but if y'all are gonna propose someday, Husky should make a box of donuts that say 'Will you marry me?" it will be the best surprise ever.

  • i love how Husky just keeps laughing and ro never gives up on the huge matress!

  • The size between her and blueberry I just can't 🥰🥰

  • Can you do a reaction that you give her a color of a dog, you take her to a room and a dog plushy is in the room.😅

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️💖

  • They shuld name her cheasekake

  • i love how Ro call’s the dogs laddies! lol

  • She is off 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👏👌

  • They should've put the dogs in the front trunk, so that they could both fit 😊

  • 22: 45 There's a REASON that the shirts says- there's a REASON that those thassay- there's a REASON thit that "theReS a RaiSin" people say that

  • She is a bit whitish cream and also a bit black so I guess oreo is perfect for her

  • Imorlak rosanna

  • What

  • Marshmallow or preemie

  • Creamy

  • Coconut

  • 😅😂🤣😅😂🤣😅😂🤣

  • name her snowy

  • 🥥

  • Name coconut

  • Me seeing the dog Also me:begging for a baby cat

  • You did great i think husky did better

  • You should call her cream because cookie's and cream!?

  • Ro looks drunk in the morning without coffee

  • Happy birthday

  • This is so the opposite of cheap

  • Honey 🍯

  • Yes

  • Çoconut is pretty good

  • When she crashed the car into the house, and you added the "Wasted" from GTA 5, I DIED! I laughed so hard I was crying! "Gotta go pick up the dogs!" *Hits the house!*...... poor Ro LOL!

  • I love how Ro barely notices when the dog chews her her hair ❤️ 😊 🥰

  • Coconut is pretty good but I also like vinilla bean

  • You need a discrpshion to bark box

  • Bark box is full of fun

  • You should name her rose or daisy

  • You should stop using H to the usky Husky cuz that phrase does not correlate to what I grew up watching my entire childhood :/

  • Hey huskey!ur cake is the best

  • 6:55 Ro:brings out frigging pan Me:are you Mary poppins

  • Those nerdy nummies days was the best