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My name is Husky and welcome to my SEnewss channel.

I have been Rosanna Pansino's manager for 10 years and love making SEnewss videos!


17:59Surprising My Girlfriend With A New Car!
Surprising My Girlfriend With A New Car!visningar 301tn7 månader sedan
26:50A FALL GUYS Record! - Part 2
A FALL GUYS Record! - Part 2visningar 26tn8 månader sedan
19:51Playing FALL GUYS For The First Time! - Part 1
16:44My Girlfriend DYES MY HAIR Blue! w/ Rosanna Pansino!
15:07Surprising My Girlfriend With Our New Puppy!
Surprising My Girlfriend With Our New Puppy!visningar 2,1mn11 månader sedan
1:11:35Visiting FIVE STAR Islands!!!
Visiting FIVE STAR Islands!!!visningar 39tn11 månader sedan
1:04:44Animal Crossing BIRTHDAY Live Stream!
19:40Rosanna Pansino BLEACHES My Hair!
Rosanna Pansino BLEACHES My Hair!visningar 459tnÅr sedan
23:39LETS PLAY: Overcooked 2 w/ Rosanna Pansino!
17:58THE $13000 PC UNBOXING
THE $13000 PC UNBOXINGvisningar 63tnÅr sedan


  • You should name her coconut

  • Cream cheese cake.

  • Honey bear! ♡

  • Na

  • I eat my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches like mike eats his pop tarts

  • 13:16 Ro's reaction🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Can You do a dog care routine?

  • Well... I had no idea what happened. I just went down the memory lane, watching some old favorites, I listened to the Pylo the Pylon song... And I wanted to watch the game again. So, the fact that it is gone, was new information to me. And you know... the reason why you left casting is completly understandable. You are right, your health is way more important than that. BUT. I don't care what your "creative process" is, you took away something that millions liked. You could've move on, leaving that channel as it was. I understand that you made that channel, and you had every right to do it, but it doesn't make it... right. People loved that content, and you took it away. It was a selfish move, one that your subscribers did not deserve.

  • I think she will cry

  • This is one of my fav video games!

  • it looks good

  • I feel like we are all familiar with Justine Fashion

  • Hi, that’s where I’m a little confused how’d you wash the bleach out? But g🍀🍀d luck with that.

  • Blueberry is the cutest thing ever

  • 20:16. Husky press Y to cover the whole instead of using your shovel so like that it doesn't break faster. :)

  • 15:43 to 15:50 Me: 🤣🤣

  • I am ro

  • So cute 🥰

  • Cconut

  • I just feel so bad for Cookie, she was too cute and she didn’t deserve to die this early, also your channel is the best

  • "Wonder what happened to that guy I used to watch all those year ago." Big oof.

  • She’s so cute I just wanna squeeze her and hug her and love her so much

  • She’s so cute I just wanna squeeze her in an And hugger geez you’re getting huge

  • Wooo team Samsung!!

  • Does she not know her hair is in the donuts

  • Icey

  • She will cry but happy tears 😹

  • Kerliasz Teray my boyfriends my girlfriends

  • Serasz Teray my boyfriends my girlfriends

  • Yadira Nolan my boyfriends my girlfriends

  • Ro is adorable 😍 💕

  • puff

  • Sooo cool

  • may of what ?

  • fyi, almond chems is not milk. Milk comes from wholesome mammals named cows. They are like us but they love their kids and have 4 legs.

  • Coconut 🥥

  • Girlfriend...good joke

  • Can you guys make a part 2 to this video

  • you look cool in hair

  • That is nice

  • 10

  • i love it

  • The pup is so so so cute 😍

  • You to are perfect couple ever I have seen in my life

  • Yes I had

  • 5:20 yes Ro yes Me1000%

  • I was hoping she was going to be named marshmallow

  • Who is here after husky suprised to with coconut

  • Best of luck transitioning.

  • Imagine if his GF ends up droping Him...

  • Vanilla swirl cream

  • uaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • I just want someone to leave a comment that said yep I am so proud of that one

  • Coconut

  • Call the white french ball dog snowy

  • yo u need to propose already

  • i Follow you Ro (^∇^)

  • Rosanna: This is not blueberry, oh hello!your so cute😍😍😍

  • name the dog coconut pls

  • Where is Cookie?

  • I like Coconuts or Coconut

  • Rosanna would be a really good mother

  • A want too oreos and poptarst And ciamon somfinhgt

  • I Love all dis cereals 💛

  • Love dis pink sparkle rainbow lama Cereals THE look so yummy. I Love when Mickey say lama funny Jokings is Fanny and wenh ro lughas Love it 😂💕👌 I Love it

  • Cream puff, or coconut 🥺

  • I watched this bec i wanna go camping but my sis don't wanna go

  • So he just simped out. Sad.

  • Notice that in the beginning of the video Dustins tongue was a normal tongue color and by the end his tongue was a bright red. . .

  • Yes

  • More botox & make up please Mike

  • Is blueberry also a french bull

  • You are a good boyfriend Husky

  • no

  • I remember when Michael surprised Rosanna with blueberry! Love you guys!

  • Coconut is so cut!

  • yes

  • WhiteRa, TLO and MarineKing are crying right now

  • counut